Tom at WC Handy Festival 2006

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2022 Casa Del Retro, Timișoara, Romania 

Just returned from a trip to Romania.  While there I had to opportunity to see some dear friends and perform a concert with them at the Casa Del Retro in Timișoara. These musicians are outstanding!  What a great crowd we had. 

Guitar: Tom Wolfe
Guitar: Ion Dorobontu
Violin: Johnny Bota
Keyboard: Toni Kühn
Bass: Victor Miclaus
Percussion: Ferencz "Feri" Szekeres Horns & Wind: Lucian Nagy

Thanks to everyone who came and the folks at Casa Del Retro! Looking forward to going back!

This is my new educational video that explores the performance styles of Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Herb Ellis and other fabulous guitarists from the '60's.  Enjoy!!!

50 Licks by Tom Wolfe