2021 WC Handy Music Festival Schedule

I'm excited to be back at the Handy Fest again this year.  Schedule is:

07-26-21, Monday, 11am-1pm -  Book It With Jazz - Keller Library, Tuscumbia

07-27-21, Tuesday, 11am-2pm - Handy Lunch - 306 BBQ, Florence 

07-28-21, Wednesday, 11:30a-2:30p, Handy Lunch - FloBama, Florence 

07-30-21, Friday, 5-8pm, Riverside Jazz - McFarland Park, Florence

07-31-21, Saturday, 7 pm, Headliner Show - Norton Auditorium, University of North Alabama, Florence 

07-31-21, Saturday, 11pm, Handy Week Finale - Clarion Hotel, Sheffield

Hope to see you there!