On this page I've included other various and sundry items for your reading pleasure.  Articles, travel diaries, links, etc.  Things I hope you will find of interest. Enjoy!

D'Addario Strings Endorsement: My Artist's Page

-FIrst United Methodis Church: Worship

-University of Alabama Jazz Program

-YouTube Links (a few examples of some postings):
            **Recording Session with Danny Gottlieb, Beth Gottlieb & Chris Kozak - Overdub Session
            **WC Handy Music Festival - "How Insensitive"
            **WC Handy Music Festival - "In A Sentimental Mood"
            **UA Jazz Standards Combo - "Steeplechase". I'm performing with two of my students using an
                            old 1930's Epiphone.

-American Music Days Poster, Sibiu, Romania. The concert poster for my performance at this festival.                                        American_Music_Festival_Poster.pdf



Upcoming Performances

Previous events


Crimson Jazz Quartet

Embassy Suites, University Blvd, Tuscaloosa, AL


Crimson Jazz Quartet

Embassy Suites, University Blvd, Tuscaloosa, AL

Come on out and visit with Ken, Ingrid Marie and myself. And enjoy a great brunch!


Pure & Simple

Private Gig, Tuscaloosa, AL


This is my new educational video that explores the performance styles of Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Herb Ellis and other fabulous guitarists from the '60's.  Enjoy!!!

50 Licks by Tom Wolfe

Alcestis Ascending

I composed and performed the music for the production of a new theatrical work by Seth Panitch - Alcestis Ascending.  The production will ru\an in Tuscaloosa, NYC (Off-Broadway) and finally, Havana, Cuba.  Attached is a link to some rehearsals with some of the music in the tracks.  Enjoy!!!

Alcestis Ascending

Another fun item!

Over the years i have written a lot of jingles and music beds.  Below is a link to a Christmas ad for Chico's featuring Diane Keaton.  They used my music for the ad - enjoy!

Chico's - Tom Wolfe music bed

Check it out!

In January, 2012 I performed with Chris Kozak (bass) and Danny Gottlieb (drums) at Muriel Anderson's All-Star Guitar Night at the NAMM Convention in Annaheim, CA.  We played one of my compositions, "Go With The Flow." 

Winter 2012 All-Star Guitar Night Video

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